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Elwood News


On this City Pulse special, Ron Arnold discusses why he is not running again for mayor of Elwood.

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Elwood News

2 days ago

Mayor Ron Arnold Announces He Will Not Seek a 2nd Term

ELWOOD, IN – Mayor Ron Arnold announced today that he will not seek a 2nd term as Mayor of Elwood Indiana. In a short statement Mayor Arnold said, “First I want to say it has been the greatest professional privilege of my life to serve as mayor of my hometown. From the beginning I made it clear that it was not my intent to be a career politician and that I had very specific goals I wanted to achieve (my Five Point Plan for Elwood), with a lot of hard work and the help of many people both within the city and in the community, we have been more successful than I could have ever imagined. It is with this knowledge and sense of accomplishment that I have decided not to seek a 2nd term as Mayor of this great city. Elwood is on solid footing and has a bright future ahead; it is time for the next generation of leaders to take her forward.” Arnold went on to say, “Thank you again to all the citizens of Elwood who have entrusted me with this honor the last 4 years, I am truly grateful for the love and support you have shown me and my family. God Bless you all and God Bless Elwood!”


Elwood News

19 days ago

ELWOOD, IN – Today the City of Elwood Municipal Wastewater Utility broke ground on their $8 Million renovation and expansion.

The City of Elwood was required to develop a long-term plan to rectify conditions at the wastewater treatment facility in order to properly treat flows, replace and upgrade key components of the plant, and to comply with federal and state laws.

Under the direction of Mayor Ron Arnold, the Board of Works and key utility personnel undertook an exhaustive and diligent process of reviewing engineering proposals from numerous firms. Triad Associates was selected for their expertise and commitment to provide a cost effective, comprehensive solution for the City.

The plan developed by Triad Associates includes replacing some key treatment components and expanding the plant capacity in order to eliminate overflows. This is being accomplished with new head works equipment and new higher performing pumps, modifying some existing concrete tanks to accommodate an important aeration process, new clarification, and final effluent disinfection. The new components have all been designed with improved electrical efficiencies, simplifying the treatment process and minimizing operation and maintenance costs to the City upon completion.

Building Crafts, Inc. was the successful bidder for construction of the project, and documents were signed on December 30, 2014 to commence construction. It is anticipated that the work will take one year. The project is being funded by a low-interest 20-year loan from the Indiana State Revolving Fund Program.

The wastewater treatment plant is located on South J Street (West of South 13th Street) Map link: http://goo.gl/EFtc1O

Statement by Mayor Ron Arnold on the Elwood Waste Water Groundbreaking

I want to welcome everyone to this important milestone for the City of Elwood. You know when I think back on the first day I took office, I was presented with an agreed order that I had to sign agreeing with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management to get our water treatment systems in compliance.

It has come, with a significant investment from the people of Elwood, that we stand here today breaking ground for this state-of- the-art Water Treatment System. A significant number of people have worked hard to help Elwood get to this point today. Our efforts have paid off and will have major long-term benefits.

I want to point out 2 major events that we are celebrating today. These events were accomplished through a joint effort and a lot of patience, hard work and political capital:

1: For the first time we are no longer under an agreed order thanks to all the hard work from Josh, Glenn, and the entire team.

2: This is a project, that at one point, was projected to cost the taxpayers over 9 million dollars. Thanks to a lot of hard work from a lot of people, we have now reduced the projected costs down to 7 million dollars.

This is a very important event for Elwood and the Utility customers. While this might not be as exciting as a new businesses coming to town creating hundreds of jobs, this infrastructure is critical to attracting new businesses and industry to Elwood in the future.

Getting the City of Elwood out from under the agreed order is a great accomplishment and will release a lot of pressure for the future generations and citizens of Elwood.

As your Mayor, I am committed every day to work to improve the Utility Department and make sure that we continue to be on solid financial footing.

I want to thank you for coming today and joining me as we break ground on this important project.

Elwood News

20 days ago

ELWOOD, IN – To commemorate the successful financing and groundbreaking for the Elwood Municipal Waste-water Utility’s $8 Million renovation & expansion, the city will be holding a formal “groundbreaking event” on Tuesday January 13 at 10:30 am at the plant site. The waste-water treatment plant is located on South J Street (West of South 13th Street)

Map link: http://goo.gl/EFtc1O

Elwood News

25 days ago

St Vincent Mercy Hospital (1331 South A Street Elwood, IN) will open a warming center for anyone who needs a place to get warm or a warm place to sleep.

chevymann03 » Elwood Classifieds

27 days ago

3 snowthrowers for sale

3hp 20inch clearing path 2cycle craftsman not sure what if anything it needs i got it last yr and never messed with it has 110v electric start . 150 obo

5hp 20inch clearing path atlas runs off carb cleaner or gas down top of carb but wont pull its own gas from tank . Has new gas tank , new valves new seats new head gasket new carb diaphram and carberator to motor block gasket . Self propelled. Built like a tank ! 200 obo

5hp 24inch clearing path 2 stage runs but hard to start. Has electric start . Needs the handle welded back to the upright as someone before i got it didnt weld it right n the weld broke so now the handle has some play in it when you try to slide the snowthrower around to move it . 250$ obo

Pickup at my place in elwood, or possable delivery only once paid for and is extra .. NO HOLDS FIRST COME BASIS. NO PRIVATE MESSAGES NO TEXTS. HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT SOMETHING GIVE ME A CALL . CALLS ONLY 10AM -10PM 765 551 4448

chevymann03 i just got chance to look into the small craftsman , its getting a good hot spark but no gas to motor . after looking in the gas tank before putting some gas in it , it looks like its more then likly either a carberator or fuel line plugged up with dried oil where previous owner didnt empty it at the end of season . if the weather warms back up some where i can work on it and not freeze as my garage dont have heat , im going to see what i can do to get it running . in mean time its still for sale . also the electric start does work !
2 days ago

chevymann03 » Elwood Classifieds

27 days ago

PLEASE READ ENTIRE POST ,Still have least 2 full size truck loads of unsplit / seasoned fire wood . THIS IS YOU PICKUP ONLY . I have had least a dozen calls saying they want the wood but none call back or answer thier phone . I also have apprx 6ft long log that needs cut up and would take a 20inch saw to cut and whats left of a willow tree limb that fell few weeks ago that was dead , we have been burning it to get rid of it . This wood is first come first gets it , sold by truck load or sell all the wood at one time for better price . Call / show up today for best price . Please do not call wanting to make arrangements for several days away .


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