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Elwood News

8 days ago

ELWOOD, IN – Today ELSA Corporation broke ground on a 131,000 square foot expansion of their Elwood Indiana facility. ELSA Corporation will be investing $42 million in the expansion which when completed will create 54 jobs.
Below is the text of Mayor Ron Arnold’s remarks at the ELSA Corporation groundbreaking:
“I am honored and extremely pleased to be here this afternoon for the groundbreaking of ELSA’s new expansion.
This is a very important event for our community, and I want to thank ELSA, and its parent company, Sakamoto Corporation, for renewing its commitment to Elwood and its citizens. The $42 million investment to build a 131,000 square foot addition to the ELSA facility and to hire 54 additional employees is a tremendous boost to our city. Thank you very much!
In 2012 I was the first Mayor of Elwood to make a business trip to Japan, and I did so with the main goal of visiting the Sakamoto Corporation to express my personal thanks to the company for all it has done for our community over the years. I returned to Japan in 2013 to once again visit the parent company in Ohta City to express my personal interest and support for the firm to place future investments back in Elwood.
On each of those trips I was warmly received by the Sakamoto family, and had the chance to get to know the Sakamoto brothers, Masataka and Kiyokazu, their wives, and their father. They extended terrific hospitality to me both times, and I look forward to trying to show them similar kindness on their future visits to Elwood.
Again, thank you Sakamoto Corporation and ELSA for this very important investment in our community!”

Elwood News

9 days ago

ELWOOD, IN – Mayor Ron Arnold will be a featured speaker at the Elsa Corporation Expansion Groundbreaking Ceremony on Friday October 17th at 2 pm.

“We are very excited for the citizens of Elwood to see this expansion of Elsa’s facility. This was one of the critical reasons for my trips to Japan. Solidifying our relationship with the Sakamoto family (owners of Elsa) to ensure that they would expand their facility in Elwood and not relocate to another community, was my primary focus. This expansion also signals to other Japanese businesses and their suppliers that Elwood is a great place to do business.” said Mayor Ron Arnold.

Elwood News

9 days ago

ELWOOD, INDIANA --- ELSA Corporation will be hosting a groundbreaking for an expansion of their Elwood Indiana facility. The groundbreaking ceremony will take place at 2 pm on Friday October 17, 2014 at their 1240 South State Road 37 in Elwood Indiana facility.

ABOUT ELSA CORPORATION: ELSA Corporation was established in September of 1987 with its facility built at 1240 South State Road 37 in Elwood Indiana. ELSA employs approximately 350 and supplies automotive parts such as fuel tanks, exhaust pipes and mufflers to Subaru Indiana Automotive Inc, Mitsubishi Motors Manufacturing Inc and Toyota Motor Manufacturing Ind. http://www.elsallc.com


15 days ago

42 IAC 1-5-13 Ghost employment
Sec. 13. A state officer, employee, or special state appointee shall not engage in, or direct
others to engage in, work other than the performance of official duties during working
hours, except as permitted by general written agency, departmental, or institutional
policy or regulation.
This is the statue they are claiming our Mayor (Ron Arnold) violated. It is considered a class 6 felony. The only way to remove a city official is for him to be convicted of a felony and it looks like that is what is being concentrated on. This has me concerned, so I want to examine the incident, and consider the effect of this action on our city employee's, organizations and community.

This is my understanding of the event in question. The JV cheering squad was raising funds for the girls to do whatever. (details not relevant) Each girl was to try to raise $350.00. It was for the JV squad, his daughter is a cheerleader and it was for a good cause, so he decided to help ( not the first time he's helped with fundraisers, but probably the last). He contacted friends and relatives and was able to get 35 people to donate 10.00 each. He took his daughter to each person to personally thank them and collect the money. There were seven people they were unable to connect with so he asked his assistant (Tammy) to call those seven and schedule a time for him to stop by or they could drop it off at his office. This is Ghost employment? This is a Felony?

She is his assistant, a salary employee, on call 24hr ( if there is an emergency at 3am who does the mayor call to help him get things taken care of? So when is she officially off the clock? ) She handles his calender and schedules all of his appointments. If his daughter had not been on the squad and he was helping them would it still be ghost employment? Is not one of the duties of all city employee's to assist, help out, and support anything that helps our community? I always thought one of their duties was to promote the community. If not, then exactly what does that mean to the community?

Can city employee's not participate or help in any other community functions or fundraisers? What about things like Relay for Life? Our city has had its own Relay team. Is that illegal? You know they worked on it at the office. What about the Jail for Bail our police department helps with for Relay for life. They use our police car's and our holding cell's at the police dept. Is that illegal? What about the Girl Scouts that come in and the Mayors assistant walking them around the city building to sell their cookies? Exactly how far reaching could the effects of this be to our community.

Lets look at a few examples.

Coats for Kids. It is put on by the Morrisett center. They collect coat and toys for kids. There is always a big box at the EPD before Christmas for donated toys and we have always been able to drop coats off at the police station for the Coats for Kids drive. The City also does a food drive for the center, Is that illegal?
Remember last year when our Baseball team went to won and got to go to State? The whole town got together to collect enough money for the boys to be able to go. I remember the firemen on the corners with their boots collecting donations. The town came together and all the boys got to go. They do the same thing to raise money for our fireworks display put on by the optimist club. Is that illegal? Oh no, what about the our HS sports teams rides through town on the firetrucks after a win? That one upsets me, BUT its city equipment and those guys are on duty and I wouldn't call that an official duty.

How far could this go? The Chili Cook off is coming up, It is a community event put on by Red Gold and the Chamber. They use City property, and city worker's help set up and clean up on city time. That wouldn't be an official duty. Even the Glass festival uses city employees to help set up and Elwood's finest for security during the event. are these things Ghost Employment? Where does it end? Who defines the job description of each city employee? If its a felony in Elwood, wouldn't it be a felony in the entire state? What about our Governor, Mike Pence? Or our State Rep, Terry Austin? Does she have her assistant help her with any fund raisers. I guess it would depend on the selective interpretation of the code. But, if its a felony in Elwood every politician in this state regardless of their party affiliation, better be very worried. We could be opening Pandora's Box.


From what I can see, because a small group of people in our town, have a vendetta against the Mayor and will try anything to get him removed from office. But contrary to what our city council president, Tim Roby stated, The City Council will not take over the responsibilities of the mayors office. First and foremost, it is against the constitution. One branch of government can not assume the duties and responsibilities of another branch. The Mayor's office is the executive branch and the City Council is the legislative branch. What would happen if the Mayor was convicted of a felony or resigned is, The Republican caucus would get together and pick a republican successor to finish his term.

Sometimes obsession can blind people to the possible far reaching consequences of their actions.

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watchingu2 If that is his game plan then we would be electing him to hire a Mayor of his choice ??
13 days ago
openminded This sounds like Ron Arnolds plan to appoint a Public Safety Officer, ie to Deputy Mayor, that he tried to have implemented. As far as the "Ghost Employment", I believe the investigation was started long before Arnolds' new secretary was appointed. Time line doesn't fit.
11 days ago
apriljordan You are right, the "investigation" into Ron Arnold has been going on for years with not much results, but the Ghost Employment has only come up in the last few months. I know this for a fact, because I was in the Mayors office last Thursday and talked to Tammy about it. The investigator came into her office and questioned her about the above described event. She even asked Tammy if she was intimidated by the Mayor, at which she laughed. She added the Ghost Employment to her report before she turned it over to the prosecuting attorney. I don't know anything about the public safety officer, but I bet he wasn't planning on keeping his full time job, letting the public safety officer do his job and still draw his full mayor salary. But I tell you what, that will be my first question to him the next time I talk to him and i will get back to you with the fact on the public safety officer
11 days ago

Elwood News

21 days ago

Pictures from the First Responders Appreciation Day. Firemen, policemen, and the public enjoyed a chicken dinner while getting to know each other.

Special Thank You to Elwood's First Responders Appreciation Day Sponsors: Barney's Bait & Tackle, Landrum's Funeral, Kadet Products, Main Street Auto, Warner Bodies, Community Hospital, St Vincent Mercy Hospital, H&H Signs, Top's True Value, Taylor's Dairy, Floors by Dennis, Best Equipment, and Opera House Pub

Elwood News

23 days ago

This week Pam talks with the EPD about the girl that was missing, and events for the public this weekend at Kmart and Callaway park.

Click the link below

Elwood News

26 days ago

Driver interviews, race footage, crowd response from the Callaway Grand Prix.

YouTube - SIRA Carts 2014 Elwood

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