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1887 E 700 N Elwood, IN 46038 2 Bedroom 1 bath total electric 550. Month 550 deposit call or text for apt 317- five o two six 999 this is a brick triplex in country

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22 days ago

House for rent 4 bedroom, 1 bath, washer/dryer hookup. tenants pays utilities, 1 year lease
650 month, 650 deposit. call or text 317-three three nine- 7402


30 days ago

i have sevearl push mowers for sale these are just pics of 2 of them but have 1 more that im selling and few more i have to check out and make sure they will run with no issues . i also have several mower decks for push mowers and spare parts like wheels and adjusters for height . if interested in wheels , please make sure you know what size you have as there are several different sizes . i do not have any that are for self propelled that are drive wheels .

orange scotts push mower 150$ firm 6.5hp 22inch cut self propelled mulcher , bagger or side discharge ( no bag ) has new plug , new kill cable to shut off motor and new dishcarge chute all back in bout july or august last year

montgomery ward believe its a 3.5hp just tuned up in early spring runs good just ran out the first tank of gas since pulling it out of winter storage last week 50$ .



last month

I have noticed the Yellow signs supporting annexation. When I see them I would like to ask those people if somebody walked up to them and said. We want to raise taxes on you by about $50.00 dollars a month. Would they be ok with that? Also I have seen signs in Red Gold property supporting annexation. If they agree with increase in taxes on a few maybe they should agree to end all tax abatements and future abatements for them ?
Last why would anybody vote for a mayor who is going to appoint a deputy mayor ? When that said deputy mayor spent so much of tax payer money (foolishly ) we still owe ? If that would have been private business they would have been fired and walked out ! I have been told by certain council members the past mayor was spending out of control. Now these same council members support a deputy mayor who spent tax money totally out of control more than the mayor ever did. It makes no sense ?

bluemoon This was posted in a large magazine check out the part about elwood

At one time it was normal to see Ku Klux Klan members, dressed in the full regalia of their white hoods and sheets, hosting a "lighting" or cross burning in Indianapolis.

At any time, residents of what was once the heart of the city's Black community near downtown could look out of their windows and see hundreds of Klansmen marching boldly down the street, imposing an environment of fear an intimidation.

However, nothing like that should be seen again in Indiana, or anywhere else. According to several recent reports, the Ku Klux Klan, known historically for its violence against Blacks and other minorities, is trying to "re-brand" itself and change its image. Promoting "white pride" and preserving the white race in a growing population of minorities is the main thrust of the organization now. Cross burnings, lynching and threats of violence are supposed to be things of the past.

"We don't do that," Travis Pierce, national membership director of the Ku Klux Klan LLL, told the Huffington Post. "We have people call us and ask, ‘Why are you still killing Black people?' I say ‘We're not.' It would be on the front page of newspapers."

Pierce's organization is among several Klan-affiliated or white supremacist groups nationwide that are changing tactics to reach their goals and attract recruits. Legal challenges to policies that "discriminate" against white people and involvement in elections are being promoted over violence, and cyberspace is being used more often to air comments instead of the volatile street marches that the Klan had become known for.

"Even with great speeches we just get protesters and thugs who try to drown out our message, so we're taking our agenda directly to the people and those who can make something happen," Pierce added. "We've hired attorneys, and can take our case directly to the government."

In Elwood Indiana, John Mason, a former organizer for the Ku Klux Klan who is still on the organization' mailing list, has traded his hood for a suit, and announced the klans influences have finally won out after long battle in city goverment.

In addition to trying to present a more sensible image, some Klan and white supremacist groups are trying to make themselves appear more reasonable in comparison to other organizations.

For example, a Klan-affiliated group in Virginia made national headlines at Arlington National Cemetery last month after chastising members of the Kansas-based ultra conservative Westboro Baptist Church for picketing during the funerals of soldiers.

In a bizarre twist, a 46- year old African-American man in Connecticut was recently charged with attempting to sell weapons to two men he knew were members of a white supremacist organization plotting a possible racist attack on area Blacks.

Any transformation of the Ku Klux Klan's image holds significant meaning for Indiana, given its historical relationship with the organization.

The original version of the Klan was established in Tennessee in 1866 by Confederate veterans of the Civil War upset over federal support for African-Americans in the South. By the early 1880s, the movement had died out after several Southern states issued laws to limit the legal and voting rights of minorities.

In the early 1920s, however, a second wave of Klan activism swept the North, and Central Indiana was chosen as the base for the revived organization. Although less violent than its Southern counterpart, the "new Klan" attracted followers by speaking out against the millions of Blacks, immigrants and Catholics who moved to Northern states to find industrial jobs.

"The dominance of the Klan in Indiana had reached the point that virtually every aspect of life outside the home was impacted in some kind of way by the Klan," said Wilma Moore, senior archivist of African-American history at the Indiana Historical Society.

In 1924, Ed Jackson, a known Klan member was elected governor of Indiana, and the organization controlled political affairs in Indianapolis, mandating racial segregation with the 1927 construction of Crispus Attucks High School, a separate institution for Black students.

By the end of the 1920s, however, the Klan lost influence in Indiana after several of its leaders and associates were caught in scandals.

Smaller Klan splinter groups continue to operate in Indiana, such as the Bloomington based Supreme Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, the International Keystone Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in Elwood and the United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in College Corner.

The Klan organizations have survived along with several other "hate groups" that hold white supremacist, neo-Nazi or other extreme views. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), 24 different hate groups operate in Indiana, an increase from 16 in 2009. Those organizations, according to the SPLC, hope to increase membership from the frustration some white middle class residents have with the struggling economy, a Black president and rising immigration.

Still, recent developments seem to support the claim by many groups that they are trying to be non-violent. Only a few cases of hate crimes, all of which involved attacks against property and not people, were reported to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department within the last two years.

Chrystal Ratcliffe, president of the Greater Indianapolis Branch of the NAACP, said the organization has to deal mostly with discrimination, not violent threats.

"Most of the incidents we handle are non-violent cases of discrimination that involve treatment in public establishments and places of employment," Ratcliffe said.

As far as many residents are concerned, the Ku Klux Klan is still a threat to racial unity, despite the professed moderation of some members.

"The Klan is still here, and it still has the same beliefs about being better than everybody else, regardless of how it presents itself," a man who gave his name as Glen said while waiting for refreshments near a hot dog stand at the intersection of 38th and Sherman. "I'm Native American, and my wife is Black, so I know they would have a major problem with us."

Another customer, Ebo Lewis, agreed with Glen as they waited in line for relief from the intense heat.

"The Klan ain't changed. It wants the same thing it has always wanted; a society with people who look the same, act the same and think the same," said Lewis, who is Black. "I think the solution is educating folks about other cultures and breaking down stereotypes. Only then can we really end racism."

last month
watchingu2 Racism continues because its used to make money and get votes. Our social programs are nothing more than modern day slavery without chains. The White progressive ( Democrat ) slave masters with there black buffers Jackson, Sharpton and the NAACP. Whites too are caught in these programs.
When Sharpton went to Ferguson there was a picture I seen. Next to the Wilson memorial was a booth set up to register ( Democrat ) voters. Do you know a lot of protesters were paid ? Progressives were using that shooting to further there agenda. They were paid by socialist George Soros thru groups like acorn , Media Matters. So real racism will never end most are not.
Its the poverty Pimps like Jackson and Sharpton and the White elitist Progressives that keep racism alive. To further there agenda and make money .
last month
watchingu2 Multiculturalism is the problem. If you want to divide people you celabrate what's different about them. We should be celebrating what we have in common AMERICA !! Have you ever noticed how liberals put people into groups. ? By color, sex and by wealth ?
last month

Elwood News

3 months ago

What is forced annexation?
Under Indiana law, both municipalities and citizens may initiate annexation of areas contiguous to the city’s borders. However, municipalities that initiate annexation have the legal power to unilaterally force this annexation on property owners whether they want it or not; in our state, this is known as “involuntary annexation.” It is a legal way for a local jurisdiction to take control of your property without a single vote by citizens. There are only three states left that allow this: Indiana, Idaho, and Tennessee. Movements are currently underway to eliminate this law in Idaho and in our state. Senate Bill 330 of the 2015 Indiana General Assembly would remove the ability of municipalities to perform involuntary annexation. If the new law is passed, it would go into effect July 1 of this year.

Why does your group oppose this annexation?

There are many reasons we stand against this annexation, but they can be summarized under three main headings:

1) Property Owners’ Rights – Our group opposes any effort to FORCE people into living inside city limits. Many people live outside the city limits because they’ve made the conscious choice to do so. In fact, several home owners have stated that should the city decide to annex their area, they would move from their current residence. Also, the elected officials responsible for overseeing and approving this annexation were voted into office by the citizens inside the city, but the citizens of the annexation area had no vote in those elections; we have no elected official that can represent our interests in this matter. A lack of representation is an enormous problem, one that laid at the very core of why our nation was founded. The properties rights of owners and the freedom to choose where one lives should not be violated by anyone, especially by using an antiquated law that should have been removed long ago.

2) Taxes – You know what they say… follow the money. The ultimate reason the city council wishes to annex the proposed areas is the inherent increase in tax revenue it would bring to the city. People have been told that their taxes might go down. This is true – a FEW land owners would see a small savings. However, the vast majority of land owners will see an increase in their tax burden. According to the city’s own Tax Impact Analysis, the combined increase in revenue for all four proposed areas will equal $111,582. The increases for individual land owners range from $10 to $6,634. In a stagnant economy, every dollar counts; we’ve even had several business owners share with us that the annexation would force them to close due to the increase in taxes. We believe the city should strive to operate inside of its budget rather than simply confiscating tax money from other sources.

3) Services – Higher taxes would be understandable if the citizens were able to enjoy city services as a result. In the certified letter that was mailed to everyone affected by the annexation, the city claims that they will provide the annexation area with a range of services, but closer scrutiny reveals some glaring issues with these claims. The city says it will provide police service; what it doesn’t say is that police service is already provided. The city says it will provide fire coverage; what it doesn’t say is that the city fire department is not equipped to fight fires in areas without hydrants and that coverage would have to be provided by other departments through mutual aid. The city says it will provide trash pickup; what it doesn’t say is that this trash pickup is forced – you will be billed for it whether you want it or not. The city says it will provide street and road maintenance; does the city really have the necessary equipment, manpower, and finances to maintain (plow, patch, etc.) roads that are out in the country? The city says it will “extend” water and sewage services; what it also admits is that land owners wishing to connect with city water or sewage must do so at their own expense. So, to put it plainly, in return for an increase in taxes, the only concrete “benefit” for citizens of the annexation area is forced trash pickup. Taking without giving is not government by and for the people; it is government seeking only to protect its own interests.
Can citizens stop a municipality from annexing land?

The short answer is no. The city council has the legal right to approve the annexation ordinances, and there is nothing citizens can do to stop this from happening. However, once the annexation has been approved, under Indiana Code 36-4-3-11, we CAN appeal the decision by filing a written remonstrance with the superior court of Madison County. This remonstrance must be signed by a) 65% of the land owners, or b) owners of more than 75% in assessed valuation of the land in the annexation area. Land owners have 90 days following the publication of the annexation ordinance to file the remonstrance; if the court determines that the remonstrance is sufficient, it will fix a time within 60 days for a hearing on the remonstrance. Notice of the proceedings, in the form of a summons, will be served on the annexing municipality. The municipality is the defendant in the cause and shall appear and answer. If the land owners can prove that services are adequately provided and that annexation is not in their best interest, the court may order the annexation not to take place.

admin What actions are your group taking?

We are currently doing everything we can to inform people of the situation and encouraging them to share their concerns and/or opposition with the city council. We will be making contact with every land owner in the proposed annexation area in an effort to gain support for our cause; should the city council approve the annexation, we would conduct a petition drive to gather signatures for the remonstrance.

What can I do to help your cause?

We are asking citizens to support us in three ways:

1) Study up – Knowledge is power! Please keep an eye out for any information about the annexation in the newspaper, and make sure to follow our Facebook page for any related updates.

2) Speak up – Please help us get the word out about what this annexation means and about our efforts to stop it. Share what you know with family, friends, and neighbors, and make sure to like/share our Facebook page. Also, we are offering yard signs for purchase.

3) Show up – Over the next two months, there will be several meetings, forums, etc. concerning the annexation. We will do our best to keep everyone up to speed on these events; we are asking citizens to attend as many as they can. There is safety in numbers, and showing the city council that we are unified in our opposition as a community will speak volumes.

Is your group against the success of Elwood?

Absolutely not! We might not live inside city limits, but we love this community and we live here because we choose to. We all have relatives and friends that live in the city. We worship in Elwood churches. We buy food and fuel from Elwood stores. We cheer for Elwood sports teams. We want Elwood to be a thriving, financially stable municipality. We understand that annexation would bring tax revenue that the city could use, but annexation creates more problems than it solves and generates more questions than it answers. Spreading Elwood’s financial struggles to people that did not cause them in the first place is wrong, and while it might provide temporary relief, it will not solve the city’s bad fiscal habits. As stated, we feel that the city government should focus on improving that for which it is already responsible; there are plenty of projects inside Elwood that need to be tackled before knocking on doors outside the border.

I have a question about the annexation – who do I contact?

Any questions, thoughts, or suggestions related to the annexation can be sent to us by private message on Facebook. We will get back with you promptly with an answer. Also, please feel free to comment on any of our posts.
3 months ago
watchingu2 Who is on the Council pushing this ? Is the men running for mayor for this? I think we should know who is and who is not for this. I think there is more of an agenda than just money. If it was for money or serious growth of Elwood why not go south on 13 south on 37 ? Why all the farm ground to the north east. It only becomes industrial if a farmer sales it. These clowns running this city have been saying how broke we are. I would like to know how much has been spent on this and if tax payers have to pay for a lawyer how much.
3 months ago

farmboy » Elwood Classifieds

3 months ago

I am looking to purchase any memorabilia from the former McKnight's International Harvester farm store in Elwood. I would be interested in most anything relating to McKnight's. If you have any or know of anyone that does have any that would be interested in selling, please contact me. I am local and will pick up. Thank you. call or text: 765-four three seven-4702


3 months ago

yardmachine tiller works and runs like new has no issues . its dirty right now as i had jsut got it out from storage and havent had time to wipe it off . ive had it couple years and have only used it couple times and i didnt even use it last year . i loaned it to a friend to do their small garden and its sat since . 375$ pickup is just north of elwood no holds listed on other sites . CALLS ONLY 10am-10pm 765 5514448 PLZ NO TEXTS CALLS ARE ONLY THING ACCEPTED BY THIS NUMBER AND ONLY DURING TIME LISTED .

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