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16 hours ago

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freezingicekirby » Elwood Classifieds

21 hours ago

I have a Panasonic CinemaVision Projector TV for sale. It's 46 inches, widescreen, 1080i, and has multiple cable hookups to it (component, composite, s-video, and co-axial).

A few things to note - the picture is not the greatest, there's a small mark on the screen near the middle, and viewing 1080i with component cables has some problems (a few inches on the right side looks like 3D). May not be good enough for the main household TV, but great for kids, a game room, or someone who doesn't mind an absolutely perfect picture. Games also look and work pretty well on it though, and hooking it up to regular cable also looks good.


You may check the TV before purchasing.

If you are interested, text me at 1-765-606-7416.


2 days ago

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There is also a video clip that shows you how to do it below.

Elwood News

2 days ago

City Pulse 8-28-2014

This week Pam talks with the mayor and Bill Savage, The Economic development director about Warner Bodies, The recently sold AEP building and more. Very informative!


YouTube - City Pulse 71

Elwood News

2 days ago

Dean Roe and Bill Hunt working on a sidewalk as part of the city's sidewalk replacement program. If you would like more information about the program call Street Dept at 552-2712.

Elwood News

3 days ago

NOTICE: Monday September 1st the Street, Sanitation, and Recycle Center will be closed for Labor Day.

We will be picking up Monday and Tuesday’s trash on Tuesday September 2nd.

Elwood News

4 days ago

Today Mike Mengelt was sworn in as the newest member of the Elwood Redevelopment Commission.

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