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What Certified Refurbished Vitamix Blender Really Is

What Certified Refurbished Vitamix Blender Really Is

I’m sure that everyone has the same question asked when they hear Certified reconditioned Vitamix blender. Well, Certified reconditioned Vitamix blender is basically a reconditioned product or a second hand Vitamix blender that has passed rigorous inspection of 17-Point Checklist against their high quality standards.

Which at the end comes out as new certified reconditioned blender but with a new 5-year standard warranty and also with all the benefits and functions just like a brand new Vitamix blender but of course it costs less than a brand new Vitamix blender. You can check it here to find some certified recondition Vitamix blender.

Because of the refurbished system by Vitamix for their blenders, owning a Vitamix blender now is much more affordable to many people. Refurbished Vitamix blenders are actually customer returns or lightly used demonstration models that can no longer be resold as a brand new product and that means it’s a substantial savings done by Vitamix over the cost of a brand new Vitamix blender.

Every refurbished Vitamix blenders were done in the Vitamix factory. Every sub-par parts are replaced with new ones. In the certified reconditioned there are function, aesthetics and everything is guaranteed to work as brilliant as a brand new product rather than a broken one.

In the factory, regardless of the condition of these parts of the blender, they are replaced whether it’s still functioning well or not: the pitcher, lid, and tamper. Another thing that would be replaced if they were broken are the shrink-wrap on the DVD.

What Certified Refurbished Vitamix Blender Really Is box

By a simple glance you won’t notice that a refurbished Vitamix blender is not a brand new blender because it looks almost indistinguishable from one another. Something that you would notice immediately is that the blade assembly is not exactly a brand new blade.


What Certified Refurbished Vitamix Blender Really Is 3
What Certified Refurbished Vitamix Blender Really Is 3

Where do the parts of the refurbished Vitamix blenders come from? Well, they come from the blenders that were returned by costumers not because they’re broken but probably because they don’t use them more often and if the blenders are not being used as frequent as they should be.

Conclusion Why You Must Bought Refurbished Vitamix Blender

In conclusion, if you bought a refurbished Vitamix blender then you’ll save up about $80-$270 and by purchasing one of the refurbished Vitamix packages it will be hard to justify spending the extra money on something that is fresh off of the assembly line. Even though the warranty duration only last 5 years, you can upgrade that into a full 8 years for an extra $75!

A friend of mine over the years have bought and owned two refurbished Vitamix blenders, he used it to blend many recipes and can attest to their quality. The Vitamix products really take great pried in their reputation for quality, so that you can be sure every blender they sell, new or refurbished, most likely meets strict standards for perfomance and durability. If you’d like to read more into this refurbished Vitamix blender you can check BlenderVersus out!…

This 2 Secret Herbs to Help You Gain Weight

Some people maybe not confident by their body? Maybe too fat or too thin. But if you kind of person who bother your size of your body, you will search how to change it. For some people maybe it’s hard to gain some weight, it’s a bunch a factor or illness like not having good proportions foods, or it’s your genetic. Here some advice for you.

So, how we can healthily gain weight? Instead of taking a chemical way to boost your needs, there’s an advice way to obtaining the shape that you want.

Example Factor Why You Can’t Gain Weight

Before we were giving you the herbs to help you gain weight here some factor that you understand, why you can’t gain some weight.

  • Genetic factor: there some people who cant eat a mount of food at once. This genetic factor makes you create of hormones that satiate the appetite and make you eat.
  • Muscle fiber: Maybe you have a genetic composition and more muscle fiber, this thing will make you burn more energy while you are sleeping or resting, and make you more efforts.
  • Character: There are some people who can get nervous so easy, this will make them continuously moving their legs or arms, all of this movements make your body burn more calories.
  • Hard to absorbing nutrients: one kind a factor that you cant changes, some body who can stop receiving nutrients if the body thinks it enough.
  • Certain deseases : example, anoxrexia, chronic, diarrhea, depression,or stress.

Most Effectif Herbs To Help You Gain Weight


You might not familiar with fenugreek, this herb can be amazing help for you for gaining some weight, and fenugreek can make your breast larger too. Because it contain saponins, it will help you to improve digestive enzymes and it will accumulate your body in healthy way, this cylus will make you gain weight.

How to use Fenugreek? You can buy it in a capsule (your doctor will assist you) or you can buy it in natural foods store You can boil a cup of water, you can put five seeds in your teco, and drink like usual tea.



It primary use for tonic for stimulating your appetite. Dandelion can be drinked like tea, because its make a sweet taste. For maximal effect, you must drink it three times a day. You cant eat some banana too, by eating banana one per day will help you gain weight in a healty way.…